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OMG . Like everyone is totally all over my page , and im so grateful ! Well incase you haven’t been told im now in HIGH SCHOOL , and well it’s not so nice. I plan on making another blog about high school and of course the teachers just so you guys will know. ( : I do miss you guys , but totally spread my page wide tell your friends and your friends friends . Im just now seeing the comments & yall know i return love. Im working on making blogs for everyone who COMMENTS on my page , so other people will be able to see what you guys have as well. Well anyways toodles *kiss Kiss* ( :

Nicki Minaj. New Album ‘Pink Friday’

nicki minaj

For all Nicki Minaj fans like my self I have some new for you.

Well I am going to make this a short blog. I just found this out this weekend that Nicki Minaj has an album not a mix tape like her previous ones, “Beam Me Up Scotty and Playtime Is Over”. It is called “Pink Friday”,  it is suppose to have some new never heard songs on it. Also, some of the songs she has featured on. Now the Album releases on November 23, 2010. Go show her some support by buying one it is her first album besides the album of ” We Are Young Money”. It is suppose to be very good everyone.

Click on this link and it will give you a little more information about her album and things such as that.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

Come On Seriousley Teachers.?

This Blog is going to be about waaaay to much homework.

Why are we getting punished with stacks and stacks of homework? Like seriously whats the big idea. We go to school most by force of the parents. Listen to you talk and talk and even talk some more about things that yea we are going to need for the future like you guys like to say. But is their a reason why I just did all this work in class, and your giving me a worksheet to do at home. Uh,   noo thanks  you can have it back.

We shouldn’t have to stay in school for almost 8 whole hours and do all this unnecessary work in class for you to give us more work to do at home this is torture. I don’t know about you, but I have 5 other teachers who also gave me homework now you want to give me one as well. Can we talk about his whole homework thing because it is just not working out for me. I’m already tired daily because i have projects due tomarow and the next, and other assignments to do.

Teachers please hear us out. We don’t want homework every day because it takes years to do it. Then you teachers get mad at us for not doing out homework. We try honestly we try, but we have another teacher who is always expecting something from us the day you want me to turn in my homework. Can we take a break from this homework thing, and have a party please? =D


Make Your Bloq Sparkle With The Sadina Touch. =D

You want to make your blog be the envy of all blogs?

Always add pictures. Pictures make blogs better so that way without even reading the blog you can look, and already see what the blog is going to be about.

If your blog is going to be super duper long just like mines I know. Then make sure you throw your personality in there. Like don’t be afraid to use words like that you would use in a conversation something like talking to your friends. You Know? Like use some kind of affect like, ” Oh no she didn’t”, and stuff like that.

Don’t use the biggest and longest vocabulary words in your blogs. Yeah it shows how intelligent you are and how smart you are. But it’s sooo boring you don’t even know like it loses interest. I mean I can’t speak for everyone, but to me and some of friends they would automatically click off your blog.

And those are some things that I think you could do to make your Blog Sparkle The Sadina Way.

Much Love,

Sadina M. ♥

Drake. Actor, Singer, Rapper, Everything. ♥



This person is so cute. Well for some people we know him from Young Money Cash Money Records. I first saw him on a show which is somewhat still known in the world from Canada. “Degrassi”, is a show just about regular teenagers who go through all sorts of stuff from drugs and fights to death and teenage love. The person who always stuck out not just because I thought he was cute was because of how he acted. He was a true hero to me. He played as Jimmy a teenager trying to persue his dream of becoming a rapper.

Well now he is one a Real one at that. His first hit song was “Best I Ever Had”. A true person who never fails Aubrey ‘Drake’ Grahm. Always check out his albums which I do believe he has released recentley his Thank Me Later Album and is still working twoards his new album.

I will always try to keep you updated about his music and other intresting facts.

And ask if you think there is someone famous singer actress actor or anything that i should do a blog about. OK.


Jersey Shore Is The Best. Duh”

Jersey Shore.

This show is amazing! There are so many interesting things about this show. Now this is me being honest it is not so appropriate, but then again it is. So you would have to get parental vision first since to me being a teenager I think pretty much everything is appropriate.

The cast members are Snooki(Nicole), Vinny, JWow(Jenny), Ronnie, Sweetheart(Sammie), Pauly D, And The Situation(Mike). Everyone has their own personalities the all act differently pretty much except for Mike Vinny And Pauly(MVP). They are always partying and having such a fun time with no drama. They mind their business most of the time, don’t do anything bad.

As for the rest, they are always fighting with their boyfriends, and always fighting with each other. Like seriously they never heard of talking things out have they? But they are also cool they don’t mind their business, but they are very intresting.

I seriously think that everyone should just watch it one time to see if this show is for you, and if it is not then you can always change the channel. =D

The new episodes are every Thursday at 7:30 – 8:00 on MTV.  Cox: ch.37 Direct: 337 Dish: 165

jersey shore rocks

If You Were To Visit Nevada =).

This post is for challenge #3 of the student blogging challenge.!!

Why would you want to visit Nevada?

Maybe, because we are known for our Las Vegas strip.

The strip especially, at night time when all the lights are glowing aah ‘ it is just like a moment of silence.Not really, but if it is your first time there maybe you can catch a moment like that.

Anyways the strip is noisy and lots of people are always walking around, talking, eating, visiting some popular buildings such as , The Mandalay Bay, The Billagio , and Circus Circus. You will never get bored of coming here because everyday there is something new.

We even have our own Paris, and New York! yeah it is not the real one, but hey close enough for me. Also, at night time you have to see our dancing fountains. They do not dance they just fly up really high, and it is just seriously beautiful.

Meet your new lover meet up with some friends just walk around and watch crazy people you just never get bored of going there.

Like just beg your parents to come out here for one day ask for lots of money because your gonna want to buy,buy,buy. Now it is not really expensive being honest its a nice amount of money but if you never been here and its your first time bring lodes of money.

Now Las Vegas is most of the time just how people put it in movies such as The Hangover. Yes there is a Caesars Palace. Yes there are a lot of casinos and parties everywhere. No you do not pass out with your hotel a mess your broke with no money and forget everything that happened the night before. Well at least not to everyone.

There are creeps and weirdos and kidnappers out in the world sorry to say yes in Las Vegas to, so you know be aware of your surroundings and be in contact with an adult.

Thats why I think you should come to my state visit the city hang at the strip and have so much fun because I know you will if you just come out and you know take a lode off. Well as students we deserve a vacation at least 3 times a month.


Post For Challenge #2

This post is for challenge 2 of the student blogging challenge.

I think it is important that as a student we never link a photo of ourselves on our blogs for any reason.

I think that because sometimes people say they are someone, but they really aren’t. So you could think your talking to a friend you met online, and it could be some weirdo in this world. They’re are a lot of creeps out there and you don’t always know who to trust. There are PEDOPHILES, KIDNAPPERS, MOLESTERS, AND STALKERS in this world so you never know who you really are talking to. I just personally do not think its safe to have a picture of yourself  or anyone even if its a picture of a friend its just way to risky.

That’s why I think as a student we should never post a picture of our self.

Post For Challenge #1

This Post Is For Challenge #1 In The September 2010 Challenge.

Why do I think People Should Visit My Blog?

Well First Off Because I Post Things That Both Teachers, and Students Can Relate To.

Also, Since I Am Such A Nice Person I Always Look For Topics That Teachers, And Students Would Love. Like Maybe I Would Post A Blog About How Teachers Should Stop Talking and Stop Giving Us Homework. I Think That We Do To Much Work In School To Have To Do It Outside Of School. Or Things That Would Be Interesting To Read.

Well Keep Checking Out My Blogs People, And Give Me Some Topics. =)

With Love,

Sadina Martin ♥