Post For Challenge #2

This post is for challenge 2 of the student blogging challenge.

I think it is important that as a student we never link a photo of ourselves on our blogs for any reason.

I think that because sometimes people say they are someone, but they really aren’t. So you could think your talking to a friend you met online, and it could be some weirdo in this world. They’re are a lot of creeps out there and you don’t always know who to trust. There are PEDOPHILES, KIDNAPPERS, MOLESTERS, AND STALKERS in this world so you never know who you really are talking to. I just personally do not think its safe to have a picture of yourself  or anyone even if its a picture of a friend its just way to risky.

That’s why I think as a student we should never post a picture of our self.

10 thoughts on “Post For Challenge #2

  1. Your blog sounds interesting. I agree with you on this post; you never know who it really is.

  2. Hello Sadina, My name is Zach and I completely agree with you! There are definitely a lot of weirdos in this world and you can never be so sure when on the internet. I have never put my real picture on the internet and thanks to you i probably never will. In conclusion, those are some reasons why and how i agree with you.

  3. Thank You Zach. =)
    And lots of people should see what i see that you can never take any risk.

  4. Yeah i agree with u 100 percent but you know we cant talk to people int the same class as us.

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